Thursday, October 8, 2009


Lots of pictures from Rome!

Stoppin' In To Share A Recipe!

This is an easy dessert to make that everyone will love!

Cool whip (I use FREE)
Fruit; either canned and drained or fresh, cut up

Dump fruit into a bowl, fold in Cool Whip to cover fruit. Add a little cinnamon. DONE! Well, I put it in the freezer for a little while to chill. It is very yummy!

I've made it with fruit cocktail, just make sure you drain it well. And with fresh apples and bananas. It would be good with any fruit! And the cinnamon makes it taste so much better. Who would've thought?


Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm back... for a bit!

We got back from our road trip! It was awesome! I'm slowly getting back into my routine. And editing lots of pictures. We got our orders (basically, a contract stating when we'll be moving and where and all the details) and we will be leaving Sigonella in November and Jason has to report for duty in January. We are moving to Bowie, Maryland, where we already found a house to rent. What a blessing! So, the next few months will be crazy and posting may be sporadic but thanks for hanging in there. Here are a few pictures to keep your attention! The night view is Mount Vesuvius and also the view from our room in Naples. The rest are from Pompeii.