Thursday, September 3, 2009

Book Review: The Jesus Book by Stephen Elkins

Book Description (taken from Thomas Nelson)

The Jesus Book by Stephen Elkins introduces kids to the life, teaching, wonder, and amazing love of Jesus.

Often kids know about Jesus but don't have a relationship with Him. This book offers kids "everything you need to know about God's Son" and encourages a lifelong relationship with their Lord. Divided into Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How sections, it offers clear explanations and easy understanding for young hearts. It will teach them things like who Jesus is: Jesus is God's Son, and He is also my friend. Where is Jesus? He lives in heaven, but He also lives in my heart. How does Jesus act? He acts with kindness and forgiveness, and He wants me to be like Him. Includes an audio CD with over an hour of songs about Jesus. This is a must-have for every child!

My Review

The Jesus Book by Stephen Elkins is wonderful for children of all ages. The Jesus Book explains who Jesus was and what He did with simple to read and understand language. The Jesus Book has brightly colored pictures that help explain the stories with the original Bible verses to refer back to. The message of this book is very clear, to teach about who Jesus really was and what He did for us. Stephen Elkins provids readers with a strong, spiritual message. This book helps us to understand that Jesus wants a relationship with us and while He is God's son, He is also our friend.

The Jesus Book would be a great devotional or accompaniment to a homeschool curriculum. I would definitely recommend this book for others. The CD that is included with the book has all the classic songs mixed with a few new ones. I was worried that this would be annoying children's music but it is very pleasant and didn't bother me to listen in the car.

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