Monday, September 7, 2009

My Husband Rocks Monday

This week I will continue to tell you our wonderful vacation plans. The reason that I'm doin this during the MHR post is because he does! And if I weren't married to him, I wouldn't be living in Italy and have this awesome opportunity!

We will leave our home in Sicily and head to the mainland, we'll hitch a ferry over. Then drive to Naples for a couple days. We'll visit Pompeii and maybe Positano from there. Then to Rome to stay in an adorable bungalow for three nights. We can't wait to visit the Vatican, as well as the Trevi fountain and Pantheon (and Hard Rock). Livorno is next for a night, just to visit Pisa. Vicenza is between Verona (think Romeo & Juliet) and Venice (Hard Rock, too). A quick stop in Garmisch, Germany before heading to Berlin (Hard Rock!) for two nights! Then back to Garmisch for SEVEN days! There is a military resort there and it will be a slice of American heaven for a week! While there we will visit Innsbruck, Austria (Swarovski!) and Munich. After Garmisch we'll head home, staying in Vicenza and Naples to rest along the way. We'll be gone three weeks and I am so thrilled. I will have interent access at most of the places we'll be, I'll try and update. No promises!

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  1. Just a forewarning-we were totally NOT impressed with the food at the Hard Rock in Rome. Maybe it was just that night, but we're not picky eaters at all and we thought it was gross. But we have the cup to prove we went!