Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Falling On Tile Stairs Hurts

Living in Europe, in military housing means that we have all tile floors, including the stairs. Now I have tripped on the stairs before and always try to be careful but today was it for me. Here is where I went wrong.
Mistake #1 I was only wearing socks, no shoes.
Mistake #2 I was carrying Nikolas and our bedding at the same time.
Mistake #3 I was going too fast.

I am fine. I didn't break anything. I scraped the top of my foot pretty good and I'll bet it'll be black and blue tomorrow. It scared me really bad and it hurt even worse. I was mostly scared because I was holding Nikolas. Joshua got scared, too. He kept saying, "ok mommie? ok mommie?" All I could get out was "I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm ok." Over and over again. Trying to catch my breath.

#1 reason for wanting to go back to the U.S- Mexican Food
#2 reason- carpet
#3 reason- family and friends
#4 reason- slurpees


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