Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marathon Cleaning

I think everyone is finally feeling better in our house. Nikolas has molars coming in but I think his stomach bug is gone. Motrin keeps that under control. It seems like since we moved here in December, 2006 that we have been sick more than ever before. I do have to take into account that I have kids now an they love to share germs with other kids. But living in a small military community doesn't help. We had to reschedule Joshua's birthday party and the other kids invited either had just gotten over the bug or were in the middle of it.

Believe it or not I actually had some quiet time during all this bodily function mess. It was nice to spend some time with God. And also just read or sleep. I'm so lucky to have my husband home. I don't know what I'd do if he were deployed. He is such a blessing.

So with all my "rest" comes a messy, disaster of a house. There are cracker crumbs everywhere because that was the food of choice most of the weekend. I could see the germs lingering about. I wish it was warmer outside today so I could open everything and get some fresh air in here. I have been disinfecting, bathing, sweeping, dusting, washing and laundering since the sun rose this morning. The kids were more than happy with peanut butter toast for breakfast, good! Minimal mess. Just needed a quick blog break.

Back to life... Thanks for the prayers!

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