Thursday, April 9, 2009


Nikolas loved playing with clothespins! I gave him a cup to put them in and he put them in the cup and then dumped the cup out on the table, then put them all back in the cup again. I'm thinking about painting the clothespins, jazzing them up a bit. What do you do with clothespins?


  1. another montessori blog (I actually like Charolotte Mason better, but they're similar). this mom has a 3yo and a 1.5 yo.

    Clothespin add-on: cut a square in the side of a 2L bottle and tape the cut edges so N can drop clothespins in the top and then remove them from the bottom.

  2. I was going to paint a handful of clothes pins in three different colors so that Carlee could work on patterns by hanging them on something, didn't quite figure that part out, since I never did get the chance to actually do it. =0)