Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harry Potter Re-Org!

This is our dreaded "Harry Potter" closet. It is in our laundry/bath room and is partially under the stairs. I let our homeschool activities take over the closet. We couldn't get to our wine rack! Time to re-org!

I forgot to take a before picture, so this is about halfway through taking everything out of the closet.

These are the after pictures. I inherited the shelf! I got the "shoe organizers" at a local store and they turned out to be a great fit for DVDs! On the top shelf are all-in-one-organizers from Thirty-One and I love them! They have handles, can be embroidered and have a pocket for easy identification as well. I have four; three on the shelf and one between the carseats.

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  1. wow! what a difference. love that the shelf fit and extends!