Friday, June 19, 2009

TGoF .10

Amazing God & Father, today and every day I thank you for/that...
  1. Jason and I are able to do this Bible study together. We have a good marriage and I know that with your love it will become great!
  2. your Word that encourages and gives me wisdom.
  3. our beautiful, healthy, lovey-dovey, cuddly boys.
  4. time to craft and have fun with the girls tomorrow!
  5. Jason getting accepted to State Department.
  6. all the new babies (NOT ME!) arriving and coming soon!
  7. people that truly care.
  8. corticosteroids. Only because nothing else seems to work on this dang eczema.
  9. friends that take the boys to the park because they know I'm not feeling too hot, even when it is hot outside.
  10. ice cream and brownies.

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