Monday, June 15, 2009

My Husband Rocks Monday!

Jason and I met online in July of 2004, while he was deployed to Afghanistan. We moved in together in December 2004. The rest is history. While I could talk for hours about how honest, giving, devoted and loving he is today I am going to talk about his patience.

First of all, his patience with me is amazing. I have a tendency to procrastinate or maybe not even get things done at all. I start things and don't finish them. I get really excited about something and it will only last about two months, then I'll move on to something else. I am a complainer. I complain about being overweight and then don't want to listen to his advice (he has lost about 50 pounds). I finish the ice cream. I let things bother me too much. I get flustered by the boys too easily. I let things build up and then I explode. But my amazing husband is so calm and rational. He reassures me of the Lord's plans. And that there is no reason to get upset. He puts up with my flaws, mostly overlooks them. I'm sure he has to take quite a few deep breaths and counts to ten dozens of times in any given day. But I would never know. He rarely ever says anything negative... about anything.

Secondly, he is more than patient with our boys. They are full of energy and excitement and curiosity. The do not stop until their heads hit the pillow. They get into everything. Jason always takes time to sit with them and love on them. Sometimes they'll watch cartoons together or wrestle or tickle each other. I know how important these things are to the boys. They are very important to me as well. I know this also helps Jason de-stress, just to let loose after a long day at work before he starts his homework at night. But he doesn't think about why he does it, he doesn't make special plans to do it, he just does. It is his nature.

That is another reason (or twenty) that my husband rocks!

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