Monday, August 3, 2009

My Birthday Month!

This may be a bit shameless but it wasn't my idea. In case people want to know what I really want for my birthday, here are my top ten... Click here to view my list in large on

#1 Rubbermaid Craftainer
#2 Silhouette SD Digital Craft Cutting Tool
#3 Brown Crocs
#4 Labeler
#5 Stampin' Up Goodies I have a three page wish list.
#6 Zune 8gb
#7 Thirty-One Small Utility Tote
#8 New Cell Phone
#9 NIV/The Message® Parallel Bible
#10 Caffeine Heater-Upper


  1. Whoa you go for broke dontcha girl? I hope you have some rich friends who love you to pieces...LOL!

  2. This list is more for hubs than anyone else. My friends know that I am easy to please when it comes to gifts. I love getting handmade Stampin' Up cards!