Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

When my husband said we should get one of these things, I ignored him. But eventually (like usual) his reasoning started to make sense. The Bissell Little Green Machine is a great gadget for parents and pet owners. It is very easy to carry to your spill or stain. I keep the cleaner with water in it at all times, ready to go. For tough stains I use hot water. I, honestly, use it two or three times a week. There is always a drink or a bodily fluid on my couch. The Little Green Machine is easy to use and much less intimidating than big carpet machines. I always clean a larger area than the stain, eventually my furniture will be completely clean. We don't have any carpet but it works great on our furniture! Anything that makes my job easier will eventually be on Things I Love Thursday.
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  1. maybe something like this would keep mr. right from being a freak about shoes on the carpet!