Monday, August 24, 2009

My Husband Rocks Monday

Saturday was my birthday and while I proclaim that August is my birthday month and we need to celebrate every day, my husband is not usually receptive. But this year he warmed up to the idea. First, I have to tell you that my husband never wraps presents and typically I will get the gift as soon as he has it. This doesn't bother me at all.

Anyway, I received my craft closet two weeks ago. Then last week he brought home the new Daughtry CD for me. [Which I absolutely love!]

Friday night I really wanted to go out to dinner with friends and get a sitter. Living in Italy has been hard for me because I haven't eaten Chinese or Mexican, really since we've been here. I decided on Chinese. Dinner was fun with friends and good food and always the adventure of driving in Italy. It was not quite as good as the Chinese back home but it will get me by for three and a half more months.

Saturday we had stamp club (working on pictures) and last year on my birthday we started the stamp-all-night-birthday-celebrations. Lets just say I was in bed close to three AM! Earlier than last year. Jason stayed home with boys, they came over and had pizza with us for dinner. He is so understanding of my needs for creative time and also time with the girls. He even helpd the boys make me birthday cards. I almost forgot, he let me sleep in Saturday morning, too. He got the boys up and fed while I rested up.

Sunday morning rolls around and we didn't quite make it to church. We relaxed on the couch for a little while the boys played upstairs. Jason made the boys' breakfast and I made ours. We hung out and watched TV and did laundry. Later in the day he said that I didn't really get a birthday dinner and asked what I wanted him to make. After I reminded him about Chinese, he said he wanted to make me dinner. I told him that I wanted something that would make him leftovers for lunch for the entire week. He made some goulash-y stuff and we had enough for lunches all week! That makes menu planning so much easier!

One final note about my rockin' husband... Last week we had VBS and Jason took time from his very busy schedule to volunteer. It really meant a lot to me. Like, really a lot.

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  1. happy belated birthday!!! I need your address so we can get our "haha, we're in the states and you're not" package out to you ;-p