Friday, July 17, 2009

Flashack Friday 2005

Friday Photo Flashback
This was just before my friend's wedding in October 2005. I was about 5 months pregnant with Joshua. This is just about 5 months after last week's flashback... hmmm.


  1. Isn't is so neat looking back at pictures from when you were pregnant with your babies? I love those...I don't have very many because I hated being photographed when I was pregnant. Now I wish I could have gotten over that back then though.

    Great pic!!!!

  2. its cool to look back at old memories, isnt it?

  3. How pretty are you!! What a cute outfit also! I love seeing pictures of me when I was prego too (well, only the flattering ones)!

  4. Look at your fashionable self. Pregnant pictures are such a weird think wow, I was big and then you think, my baby was in there. Too cool!