Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

I am not a big fan of cleaning house. I am one to get the absolute minimum done every day. Something that needs to be done every day (but doesn't always) is sweeping. With wall-to-wall tile this needs to be done a lot with two small children. I really hate when I sweep and then use the dustpan and you can't get all those little pieces of dirt, then ones that always stick to your feet! So, my husband bought me a Dirt Devil Hand Vac. I like this one because it has the little flip down tip that you can get into the corners with. It is rechargeable but really does have a great battery life. Joshua loves to use it to help me, too. Bonus! It is very easy to empty and clean out. This is probably my most used, most under appreciated gadget! So, today I am showing some love!

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