Friday, July 10, 2009

TGoF .13

Awesome Father, Lord and Savior, today I thank you for/that...
  1. my family's health.
  2. craft time.
  3. quiet time.
  4. prayer time.
  5. my awesome Bible studies and everyone that goes to them, too.
  6. people that drop off clothes for the boys on my front step.
  7. a/c.
  8. my husband has a job.
  9. my husband can go to school for free.
  10. my husband.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet list, Emily! My hubbie is going to school for free, too!! Of course he was able to do schooling while active duty, but now that he's retired, we wondered what was going to happen. Well, the new GI bill rocks! He's headed back to Whitworth Univ here in Spokane to finish his Bachelor's Degree in Science/teacher certification. All expenses PAID!!! What an answer to prayer. Now we'll have three teachers in our family -- I teach elementary, our daughter is a high school Spanish teacher and now the hubbie with high school science! Have a WONDERFUL and drink something yummy for me this week! :)