Friday, May 22, 2009

TGoF .6

Lord God, You are an awesome and loving God, today I thank you and praise you for/that
#1 Jason has the next week off from work, we are in need of some rejuvenation and he deserves a break.
#2 I got a check from CafePress today!
#3 opening my eyes to a new way of eating. (Please Lord, help me to maintain it and treat my body as a gift from you!)
#4 this is our last (blazing hot) summer in Sicily.
#5 friends. Near and far, old and new.
#6 Bible studies, for helping me "get it".
#7 you are my rock and comforter.
#8 my husband is so patient and attentive to my needs.
#9 our healthy, smart and loving boys.
#10 our little chapel here in Mineo. Mineo Rocks!

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