Saturday, May 2, 2009


I love books! I love all books! Someday I want to have a room filled with books and comfy chairs and fancy little tables and lamps, just like a small bookstore! But for now I will settle for piles of books, books squeezed into our limited amount of shelving, books in boxes, books everywhere. I am really happy that my boys love books, too! Joshua has started "reading" to me. It is a such a great joy! Nikolas is always carrying a book around with him and he would rather have a book that the magnadoodle in the car! I must have done something right!

If you've never heard of Usborne Books, where have you been? Honestly, I've only known for about two years. It is one of the "home party" companies.

My friend Anne is an Usborne Representative. I had an Usborne home party a few months ago. You can also do an e-party. They have monthly specials. I earned sooo many free books being a hostess! Anne has been very successful at "feeding her addiction" to books. She earns a good amount of money doing a few shows a month. You can contact her or place an order through her website.

Here is a small list of the Usborne books that we have...
-The Usborne Children's Bible
-The Usborne Family Bible
-First Thousand Words in Italian and Spanish
-First Book of Nature
-Baby and Toddler Treasury

The quality of Usborne Books is what really caught my attention. There are also options for many of their books as far as the binding and paper versus hardback.


  1. I would so love to open a bookstore one day! I was just telling Elijah that I have to stop going to the thrift store, I have no more room for books! Isn't that sad!

  2. Wow, Thanks. I don't think I have ever been blogged about. I do love 'dem books and I just keep buying more and more. It already does look like a bookstore in my house!!